I am inspired by dramatic lighting in the landscape - making careful observations about the light, and resulting shadows, noting how it influences the colors I see before me.  Because I am always looking for ways to push the color, I exaggerate and expand the barest hints I see in nature. Through the use of rich, warm and cool colors, and by manipulating the interplay of darks and lights, through my paintings I am able to express the beauty that surrounds me.

Although I do some plein air work, I am primarily a studio painter. The time I spend outdoors hiking or painting is a process of observation, gathering and recording information to use in my studio painting. In the quiet of my studio coupled with the luxury of time, I use my references, memory and imagination to develop larger more thoughtful paintings.

Completely devoted to the medium of soft pastel, it is the direct contact with the paper, the buttery softness of the sticks, the lushness of the colors, and all the techniques this medium allows me to explore, that captivates me. I work on UART 500 grit sanded paper that I paint with an underpainting of hard pastel dissolved with denatured alcohol. I use Girault, Great American, and Terry Ludwig pastels. My paintings evolve as I float layer upon layer of pure color each one influencing the other. Rarely blending the layers to preserve the luminous quality of pastel has been my fascination for ten years.